Revolution Fibres – 5 Years Young

5 Years ago today we opened the doors at Revolution Fibres Ltd. We had seen a technology with huge potential trapped in laboratories, and set a goal to take nanofibres to the global market.

The revolution

In that time:

  • We’ve gone from a small needle to the award-winning Komodo electrospinning machine
  • We went from making small pieces of tin foil turn white to producing 100’s of metres of nanofibre per day
  • We made a product from a small web of nanofibre on potato starch plates to now having 5 products in key growth markets for nanofibre
  • We’ve come from going-it-alone with our own approach to nanofibre products, to working with fantastic companies on their own technological advancements

Revolution Fibres has seen an incredible amount of innovation and innovators in the last five years, and it continues at a phenomenal rate. Congrats to all staff past and present, our shareholders and families, and all our customers and partners. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

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