Xantulayr represented at JEC Europe 2015

Hi all, we are honoured to make the following announcement in time for JEC Europe 2015. We have worked closely with Paolo Gratis and team over the past few months, and are very excited by the prospect of GPMC representing our technology in the composites area.

volantino Xantulayr

Revolution Fibres Ltd. assigned to GP Marketing Consulting (GPMC), owned by Paolo Grati, the promotion of their major product Xantu.LayrTM into the European advanced composites field and develop new applications as well as new markets for this unique nanocharged material.

Xantu.LayrTM nanofibre interleaving veils provide a technological leap for the toughening of high performance composites, and can easily be incorporated into laminates using existing composite manufacturing techniques.

Xantu.LayrTM is a unique interlayer reinforcing veil that enhances composite performance by specifically targeting the key weaknesses, namely low delamination strength and low impact resistance.

The staff of GPMC will attend the JEC Europe2015 exhibition in Paris from March 10-12 and will be pleased to give you more details. Please take contact with us:

Paolo Grati (

Luca Grati ( )

Anna Lancerotto ( )


Our best regards

Paolo Grati (GPMC) and Iain Hosie (Revolution Fibres Ltd)


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