How Nanofibre can improve your products

Think of a single strand of spider web lying across your finger. Now imagine your finger is the spider web strand, and that strand across it at the same scale – a single nanofibre. Now you’re getting close to visualising the size of things on a nano scale. Its amazing to think we are now creating revolutionary materials that with the right idea have the potential to change the world. Weird and wonderful things happen down at the nano-scale.
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Nanofibre is one of the fastest growing areas of nanotechnology. The benefits of using nanofibres are backed up by hard science and ground breaking products, as we currently see nanofibres being implemented in areas such as composites, acoustics, filtration, textiles, electronics, energy generation & storage, and even medical devices.

Nanofibre has huge potential for increasing the strength, durability, and efficiency in everyday products. Created through a process called electro spinning, Nanofibre is an incredible lightweight, high surface area non-woven fabric. It can be readily functionalised and has incredible physical properties.

At Revolution Fibres our business model is built on partnerships and collaboration. We bridge the gap between research and product enabling good ideas from the laboratory to become market ready.

We are on a mission to enable companies to produce superior products using Revolution Fibre’s designed functional nanofibres. Our thought leadership and innovation helps progressive industry and research leaders who want to get innovative products to market quickly. We do this by providing advanced material solutions through Revolution Fibres’ IP, expertise, and marvellous manufacturing capabilities.

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