New Zealand the perfect location for Nanofibre manufacture and innovation

New Zealand - the perfect place for nano fibre manufacture and innovation

New Zealand – the perfect place for nanofibre manufacture and innovation

New Zealand, well known for its rugby team, it’s farming heritage and economy, creativity, and ingenuity, and to think most people north of the equator think we’re part of Australia! Which upsets our Prime Minister greatly, eh John?

New Zealanders have practically lead the planet where no one has thought to go; modern nuclear science, women’s rights, Mt Everest, and even jogging, yes, we were the first to start jogging. We’re a nation of do-ers, of figure-out-ers, of problem solvers. We are also surrounded by an amazing ecosystem, gifting us a vast range of native natural materials with wonderful properties with which we innovate.

Revolution Fibres wants to make the finest (in both quality and size) nanofibre in the world, and we think there is no better place than New Zealand to do just that. We’re the small company in the small nation down the bottom of the world making small fibres, and we think that’s a big deal.

We’ve always used what we were given by Mother Nature. We figure if there’s a natural property we can capture to enhance our nanofibre, we’ll innovate until we harness its full potential. Our products feature naturally antibacterial extracts from New Zealand native flowers, premium quality collagen sourced from the skins of Hoki fish caught in our deep seas, and fruit extracts including the one and only Kiwifruit.

With New Zealand as our backyard, we see our country as a source of creativity and inspiration that helps us to innovate and create Revolutionary products. We believe there is no better place in the world to manufacture and innovate new nanofibre solutions. We think after one visit, you’ll most likely agree.

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