Revolution Fibres a perfect partner for offshore production



Manufacturing offshore can reduce your cost of production, help get your product to market faster, and reduce delivery costs. Your overseas partner can make or break your business. Finding the right partner starts with looking in the right place.

Revolutions Fibres welcomes businesses or individuals worldwide who are searching for a trusted and well established partner in the nanotech industry. In New Zealand we take good care of our overseas partners by providing quality world class services. From research & development to the manufacturing process throughout, we consult with our partners to deliver them the perfect product.

An international partnership with Revolution Fibres can make perfect economic sense in some cases. With a friendly culture and stable financial climate New Zealand is a great location for foreigners to explore the alternative business opportunities for nanofibre.

Some reasons to consider using Revolution Fibres:

  • Current Exchange rates
  • Our long history of business
  • New Zealand’s Healthy & stable economy
  • We are a global leader in nanofibre production

For American interest right now is the perfect time to trade inside New Zealand as the current exchange rate is swinging in your favour. Finding business partners in other countries has never been so easy, and if its a nanofibre specialist your after look no further than Revolution Fibres New Zealand.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us here a Revolution fibres. We are New Zealand’s premier advanced materials company, and a global leader in nanofibre production.

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