Product Feature – Nanodream Nanofibre Pillow Liners

Our Sonic Electrospinning method creates a fabric with fibres so small that dust mites simply cannot move through it and into your pillow. We also add natural New Zealand manuka extract to make the fibres naturally antibacterial.

This is great news for anyone that suffers from allergies or asthma. You can rest assured that with a NanoDream pillow liner, your pillow and your sleep will be free from nasties.

NanoDream pillow liners have four great benefits:

NanoDream-Anti-Dust-Mite-PillowPreventing allergy-triggering dustmites from infesting your pillow

We used good old fashioned size exclusion to prevent dustmite migration through the NanoDream pillow liner. A horse can’t fit through a cat door, and a dustmite can’t fit through the spaces between NanoDream’s tiny electrospun fibres.

Below shows a size representation of the fibres in a standard pillow case, an anti-allergy microfibre pillow case, and then the NanoDream electrospun, antibacterial nanofibre pillow case.

Manuka-Extract-NanoDreamFibres infused with naturally antibacterial New Zealand Manuka

Believe it or not, pillows get filthy. Constantly having contact with our hair, skin and bed clothes means a lot of bacteria, body oils and dead skin cells get transferred onto and into our pillows. This creates an unhealthy surface in close proximity to our airways while we sleep. It’s no wonder asthma sufferers have a hard time.

The NanoDream solution – by adding antibacterial manuka extract to the electrospun lining, we created a fabric which naturally prevents unhealthy allergens, bacteria and fungi from making a home in your pillow.

soft-breathable-nanofibre-pillow-linerSoft, breathable fibre you won’t even notice. 

The whole aim of this exercise is a good nights sleep. There’s no point in replacing one problem with another, which is the case with a lot of “anti-allergy” bedding out there that lacks breathability so becomes hot and stuffy to sleep on, or has noisy laminate layers – rustling with every movement you make.

NanoDream pillow liners are soft and breathable, you won’t even know it’s there. The only thing you will notice is an improved night’s sleep.

Soft-breathable-nanofibre-pillow-linerMade by New Zealand filtration experts

Did you know the same nanofibre in NanoDream pillows is found in thousands of homes across New Zealand and Australia? Revolution Fibres also produce nanofibre for domestic ventilation systems.

The same technology that is used to keep the air in homes clean and allergen-free, is now being used to keep your pillow clean and allergen-free. It’s like a filter for your pillow!

Nanofibres – small and safe

Revolution Fibres produces extremely fine fibres that are extremely long, and tightly bound to eachother to form a dense, lightweight fabric. These fabrics do not contain nanoparticles and are made of medically-approved, 100% user safe materials, infused with the natural goodness of New Zealand Manuka to ward off bacteria and allergens.


To buy NanoDream pillow liners, head to or get in touch with the team here at Revolution Fibres.

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