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Revolution Fibres have been featured in a NZ Herald article, and briefly in a TV3 Story this week.

Here’s part of the NZ Herald Article, titled University of Auckland: NZ Companies learning survival of the fastest.

“Henderson-based Revolution Fibres uses electro-spinning technology to create nano-fibres from a wide range of materials, used in everything from air filters to fishing rods and cosmetics. They have large international customers in high growth markets with products including medical devices, electricity storage and advanced materials.

They have limited ability to deliver finished products but instead provide customised nano-fibres for clients to integrate into products themselves.

“In many cases, their innovation has resulted in their effectively becoming the R&D arm for their larger clients in partnership relationships – often integrating with companies not only much larger but also with different business models and operating cultures,” says Lee.

“Revolution Fibres has cultivated the ability and spends the time upfront to do this well. They include intellectual property as part of their business model and have cleverly combined their contracted services with the ability to accrue intellectual property around their products.”

Check out the full article here.

You can also see our fearless leader Iain Hosie briefly featured TV3 Story by clicking below.



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