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Our fearless leader Iain Hosie was featured in a recent NZ Herald article about student Yasir Al Hilali from AUT, and his work with revolution fibres to develop nanofibre yarn. Here’s part of the article:

“Research shows nanofibre yarns made from PVDF (a polymer/plastic) can be stronger than bulletproof materials such as Kevlar (the most commonly used bulletproof material used in vests),” says Al-Hilali. “We are to produce a nanofibre yarn made of PVDF, starting next year, and want to achieve high rates of production.”

Nanofibre yarns can also be used for a range of medical applications: “It can be used as sutures, for example, the thread surgeons use to stitch wounds or a surgical incision,” says Al-Hilali.

“Sutures made from nanofibre could be made of a material that dissolves into the skin with slow-release drugs that can help heal the wounds and prevent infection.”

Ian Hosie, technical director at Revolution Fibres, says nanofibre textiles are part of a new wave of “advanced materials” developed for various functions. The company is one of the world’s leading producers of nanofibre, known as one of the most efficient and innovative in the field, developing products such as air filters, facemasks and home ventilation filters, cosmetic and natural health products, carbon fibre reinforcement products and more.

Manufacturing limitations have largely curtailed the mass production of nanotextiles; nanofibre yarn would allow them to be created in much larger quantities. Al-Hilali’s work is focusing on techniques allowing such fibres to be spun into a yarn to be incorporated into machinery already in use across industries.

“His work has the potential to open up many more product applications, such as wearable electronics and medical products,” says Hosie.

To read the full article head here.

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