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Nanofibre is technical stuff. It’s a miracle of modern science, made using our thoroughly modern, proprietary Sonic Electrospinning method, by scientists (that’s us) in white coats. Nanotechnology is associated with phrases like ‘cutting-edge’. But do you know what? At the end of the day, not under an Electron Microscope, it’s amazingly ordinary looking rolled goods.

Here’s a few shots of a recent shipment of our Seta nanofibre destined for facemasks.



Like Albert Einstein an in hoodie, Nanofibre is this pretty ordinary looking thing, which, under the surface, contains so much more than you first perceive.


Like a swan moving across a lake, our Sonic Electrospinning machines gracefully and smoothly churn out rolls of Nanofibre, all the while furiously working hard under the surface to make it what it is. That’s Dr. Gareth Beckermann in shot.

Enough of the puns. What are we trying to say here? Well, we’re not trying to take the shine off Nanofibre, we just want businesses around the world to know it’s a simple, attainable thing that can create innovation. The load of rolled goods on that truck, that’s going to make a facemask 5% better – from 95% to 99.9% filtration rates down to the finest of particles, viruses and bacteria. That 5% can mean a ‘best-in-breed’ product for your brand or company, and people like products that do a great job. We challenge you to see what improvements this simple rolled good can make to your products. You might just be surprised.

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