Staff feature – Adam Blake

A long overdue warm digital welcome to the Revolution Fibres team Adam! To our readers, Adam Blake joined our team as Production Engineer not long ago.

Fresh from a Nanoscience degree in Perth, Australia, Adam got in touch and immediately won us over with his knowledge and great work ethic. The production aspect of our business has been running like a dream ever since Adam stepped into the role.

In his short time at revolution Fibres so far, Adam has noted that he has produced more nanotech to date than he thought he would in his whole career! Well Adam, we hope you like being busy because we’re not looking at slowing down any time soon.

Aside from a keen interest in the nanoscopic, Adam also enjoys making craft beer, and is known as Revolution Fibres’ in house Master Brewer. Should you want a daily dose of nanotechnology knowledge and a cold one, Adam is your man. Great to have you around Adam and we look forward to your progress here at Revolution Fibres.

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