Live from under the Electron Microscope

Live from under the Electron Microscope


Graphene/Nylon Nanotextile

A bit blurry, but check the dispersion of graphene electrospun at 100% with nylon (one-to-one). Revolution Fibres continues to advance functional textiles with previously unheard-of concentrations of functional additives – nanoparticles, graphene, MIPS and MOFs – in a nano-textile.


Conductive Nanofibre

With the new wave of wearable technologies, our proprietary conductive nanofibre has many advantageous properties including: conductivity, antibacterial, washable and incredibly high surface area. This photo (above) shows nanofibre coated in conductive polymer (no wires, no metal).

KODE Biotech / Revolution Fibres Collaboration

With our research collaboration with KODE Biotech, Revolution Fibres coated fibres with KODE’s unique FSL-constructs which bind to red blood cells (below). Note how small our fibres are compared to red blood cells, and even at this magnification you can’t even see the KODE molecules.



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