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Nanotechnologists deal with materials incredibly small and complex, and it’s exciting to see the scientific breakthroughs continue apace in 2016/17 – especially in biomedicine and pollution remediation. I’m really excited by the new innovative companies and researchers turning this science into practical products – it seems advanced materials have turned a corner with uses moving into the mainstream.

Nanofibre is no different, and the industry continues to grow well (39% CAGR). Electrospinning remains a cornerstone technology in the advanced textiles space, offering a wide plethora of new materials to textiles with wide-ranging properties. We are seeing nanofiber being used in everything from wound healing to toilets, as well as the traditional uses of batteries to high-end filters continuing to grow rapidly. Companies can get nanofiber made under contract, or buy their own machines to produce themselves. It’s exciting to see our vision of getting nanofiber out of the lab and into the marketplace being realised all over the world. Presentations at the NART conference in Raleigh and Electrospin2016 in Rome showed a healthy research community delivering new knowledge. The key now will be for the market leaders to create the link between research and realization using nanofiber manufacturers to deliver the goods.

For Revolution Fibres we have our most exciting year ahead of us. Thanks to our new investment partners GRC Funds (part of the SinoGreen Fund), Revolution Fibres has doubled production capacity and will be meeting a lot more colleagues and prospects at various international events this year as we promote our key products Xantulayr and actiVlayr. We’ll be seeing many of our Nanofibre Customization Services clients releasing their nanofiber-enhanced products this year, so watch this space to see incredible examples of nanofibre in action.

Thanks for your continued attention and support. We welcome all enquiries and feedback – please drop us a line.

Yours sincerely,

Iain Hosie

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  1. When will your facial mask be available in Australia? Very keen to try. Do you need an Australian agent?

  2. Hi Gail, you can now purchase online at and we ship to Australia. If you would like to get in touch to discuss Australian distribution please email or call. Cheers

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