New SuperBatteries are finally here

New SuperBatteries are finally here

Created with the help of nanotechnology, say hello to these breakthrough SuperBatteries with an immense long life, low on heating and guaranteed not to explode.

Company HE3DA President Jan Prochazka shows qualities of the new battery during the official start of a battery production line in Prague, on Monday, Dec. 19, 2016.

Isn’t it annoying to have to replace batteries in games, remotes, and other electrical devices, especially when you have to do it every month? Thanks to HE3DA, a Prague-based company, those batteries are a thing of the past. New SuperBatteries have finally been created that charge faster and last longer than any other technology at present available. These SuperBatteries are currently being mass produced.

The SuperBatteries are made using nanotechnology and will be cheaper, lighter, safer, and last longer than any other battery. Jan Prochazka is the founder of the company behind the revolutionary battery and has been working on the idea since 2009. He plans to produce two different types of battery: one that is suitable as a storage system for solar panels while the other is a faster-charging battery suited for charging electric vehicles.

As production is already in force, the company is prepared for the launch. Plans are already being established for another factory to be built in Slovakia, with discussions of erecting further plants in Germany and Spain which will look to service the European and US markets.

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