Global Nanofibre Market Forecast by Technavio

Global Nanofibre Market Forecast by Technavio

Technavio has published a new report on the global nanofiber market from 2017-2021. With an estimated category growth of 28% in the five-year period.

While Revolution Fibres is somewhat removed geographically from the competition mentioned in the report, we take confidence from the comments that mention why the demand for nanofibre will increase.

The article mentions one of the major reasons for the growth of nanofiber is its application in air and liquid filters. Revolution Fibres’ Seta Air Filtration nanofibre currently in use in domestic ventilation is a well-proven filtration nanofibre, and any business or organisation looking to improve the filtration performance of their products should seriously consider trialing Seta. Nanofiber-based filters provide a much higher filtration efficiency.

The Technavio article also states the potential applications of nanofibers in the medical industry, such as tissue regeneration and drug delivery systems, have also been the major reasons for the market growth. The article states the three main drivers of the category growth will come from:

  • Increased use of nanofibers in air and liquid filtration devices
  • Increase in demand for nanofibers in electronics segment
  • Improvement in production technology of nanofibers

The last point is well noted by us, as our proprietary Sonic Electrospinning Technology has helped us make huge production efficiency increases, and allowed us to produce nanofibre on a commercial scale.

To read the full article click here.

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