Seta Nanofibre-enhanced Metamasks donated to Bali residents

Seta Nanofibre-enhanced Metamasks donated to Bali residents as Volcano causes air quality concerns

2000 nanofibre-enhanced Metamasks have been donated to Bali residents after Mount Agung spewed toxic smoke into the air. Mount Agung has been under the maximum alert level for more than a month and an estimated 180,000 people have evacuated from the area surrounding the volcano.

Dr. Marco Biancardi, founder of OmpureAir, the organisation behind Metamasks, had this to say in thanks:

The mask have arrived and already distributed to the Bumi Sehat Organization, (please see pics below) a birth center in Bali that have set up camp at refugees area to help pregnant mother have safe birth.

Another part of your masks donation was given (as per Michael request) to the Green School organization.

And the few left to another organization that is working with refugees.

It was a very heart felt experience to go to Bumi Sehat, they set up a small area for mothers that needed special attentions , on that day alone Ibu Robin deliver 2 healthy babies. Everyone express their deep gratitude for gift given by you and Revolution Fibres, you should receive a thank you email from them (they were very busy so it might also not receive anything) just know you accumulated good Karma points 🙂

Thank you so very much from everyone in Bali.

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