A huge congratulations to Ben O’Leary and DNAMIC

One of our partner companies has won the AMP scholarship: Ben O’Leary with DNAmic swab. Ben will be receiving $10,000 from AMP to help, in his words, “Revolutionise crime scene forensics.” We like your choice of words Ben!

Ben is a New Zealand forensic scientist with more than 10 years practical experience dealing with cases from crime scene to court, and the inventor of the DNAMIC™ swab – a dual action open cell foam swab head which is two swabs in one, allowing for wet and dry swabbing for maximum sample collection.

Revolution Fibres’ expertise came into play with the addition of an innovative nanofibre mesh incorporated into sample tube lid. This permits moisture vapour to escape the tube whilst preventing entry of extraneous DNA.

The invention came about through Ben’s experience and knowledge of the work flows of swab items and the inefficient sample stream associated with these evidence types. Having worked in both sample collection and sample processing Ben was able to obtain a holistic view of the entire process between different teams and fully understood the amount of double handling and limitations associated with traditional workflow systems.

From the team at Revolution Fibres, a massive congratulations to Ben. We hope the scholarship helps you achieve your goal of revolutionising crime scene forensics!

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