Dr. Pablo Lepe presents at OWINiversary China Workshop

Pablo-Lepe-OWINiversary-China-Workshop-2Dr. Pablo Lepe presents Revolution Fibres Electrospinning expertise and opportunities at the recent OWINiversary China Workshop. With the Theme: The Gateway for SMEs to Chinese Market , Pablo showed opportunities for our technology in the booming China market – especially in areas of cosmetics, composites and filtration. We were fortunate enough to showcase our products at the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen (RITS) during the event.

Thanks to our friends at Coway Tech Trans and their partners for inviting us!

One thought on “Dr. Pablo Lepe presents at OWINiversary China Workshop

  1. This is indeed revolutionary. I would love to hear/learn more about the end product and when it comes on the market. Great stuff!

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