Exclusive short run of ActivLayr now available online

With the recent flurry of activity around ActivLayr officially launching into the Chinese market, we received a huge amount of enquiry about when the product would be available in New Zealand and Australia.

To satiate the demand of those that enquired, we decided to release an exclusive first run of 500 boxes through the ActivLayr website. The boxes were a 7-day under-eye patches set, enough for a full week of trialling ActivLayr for wrinkles and darkness under and around the eyes. These went online yesterday and already we’ve seen a huge response, though we didn’t sell out in one day.

The exclusive first run was designed to get the product in the hands of Kiwis and Australians, to gain feedback and judge the next steps for ActivLayr in Australasia.

If you would like to get your hands on one or more of the remaining 7-day under-eye patches boxes, head to ActivLayr’s website and grab one before they’re gone.

We’ll be in touch with all customers after the first week to ask for their thoughts on the product.

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