The unsung heroes of collagen nanofibre production


The unsung heroes behind our collagen nanofibre production

(L-R) Adam Blake, Naveen Ashok Chand, and Jobin Joy.

Many years have gone into the development and refinement of ActivLayr, and these guys have been at the core of it. Turning lab-scale developments into rolled-goods is our speciality, and no project has been more challenging yet rewarding as ActivLayr. These guys are experts in electrospinning marine collagen, and have got the product dialled in. Tune in next month as we ramp up production 4 x (!!!) in the sparkly new Iguana machine.

Collagen nanofibre production is still a novel idea, yet one that has proved itself a powerful method of delivering nutrients and treatments into the skin. Years of testing and refinement means our ActivLayr collagen nanofibre is market-ready. Those looking to develop a new skin health or beauty product can rest assured that the nanofibre platform we have developed is a rock-steady base for innovative new products. With amazing clinical results showing a dermal penetration of 2.5mm after just 50 minutes, there is currently no other method bar needle-based injections that can deliver actives, drugs and nutrients this fast and this deep into the dermal layers of the skin.

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