Phonix featured in recent article about noise in offices

Open plan offices are the common trend nowadays, gone are the days of everyone having an office to themselves. This means easy communication between staff across the business, however the drawback is that communication is usually heard across the room. With no walls containing and reflecting sound, an open plan office space can suffer from excessive noise levels. Productivity suffers as a result according to a recent article called ‘Epidemic of noise in offices.’

In the NZ Herald interview with Blair McKolskey, chief executive of design research company PLN Group, Blair describes why office productivity suffers in a noisy environment, and the perfect synergy found in a clever community of NZ businesses to help create innovative sound-deadening furniture.

So why are some open plan offices unproductive?

Because of sound, says McKolskey: “It’s not noise so much as what we call audibility. The number one disruption is speech noise – so the key isn’t to remove sound but to reduce its impact. If words can’t be understood, the brain doesn’t focus on trying to comprehend them.”

On hearing McKolskey’s plans, ATEED connected PLN to us here at Revolution FIbres, andour Phonix nanofibre has been incorporated into PLN Group’s groundbreaking, sound-deadening office furniture.


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