Panorama Cycles launches new bike using Xantu.Layr technology


Panorama Cycles is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer that targets back country cyclists – those that prefer gravel, snow and off-road tracks.

When considering the environment that their bikes operate in, it’s no surprise that there is some hesitation to move away from a steel frame bicycle. Hesitations about impacts creating invisible composite damage, ultimately leading to breakages, are very common.

the challenge was how do Panorama convince the most conservative and purist cyclists (read here the ones dedicated to steel) to try composite frame?

Composite bicycles hold many advantages over steel frame bicycles – lightweight, rigidity, performance, comfort. With this in mind, Panorama combined an ultra-strong composite material called Zylon, with interleaving Xantu.Layr nanofibre veils, to create a composite frame that can stand up to far greater impact stresses.

Xantu.Layr™ interleaved panels show a significant reduction in delamination area after being impacted at 30J energy.


Xantu.Layr interleaved

Xantu.Layr™ interleaved panels show smaller delamination cracks and less fibre breakage after being impacted at 30J energy.


Xantu.Layr interleaved

The result is the Katahdin. This incredible new composite framed bike takes durability to new heights with it’s combination of Zylon and Xantu.Layr.

Check out Panorama Cycles website where you can buy the Katahdin and Panorama’s other bicycles online.

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