Nanofibre protective suits

Revolution Fibres is working alongside CSIRO, the DMTC and Bruck Textiles and we have been making big strides developing protective suits for Australia’s defense force.

Current suits used by military personnel have been designed for short exposure to hazardous environments. But there is a growing need for suits to perform well over long periods of time and in a range of different environments. Protection against aerosols and vapour threats while maintaining a suitable weight is where nanostructured fabric development is key.


Revolution fibres product  Xantu.Layr has been incorporated into the design by using adhesive and activated carbon to create the filter layer between existing durable fabric. Xantu.Layr  is produced using a proprietary production method (Sonic Electrospinning Technology) to create a bolt of nanofibre. Xantu.Layr® is an ultra-thin non-woven web consisting of kilometre long thermoplastic nanofibres, each one being about 500x thinner than a human hair. Making it an idea candidate to use alongside other malleable materials.The way the fabric is layered there is no concession when it comes to breathability or mobility. Current solutions to hazardous conditions are bulky and lack the flexibility required in certain circumstances.

So far the suits have passed expectations during testing. There will be continued development into improving comfort levels as well as streamlining production. Moving forward there is a clear path to also introduce the fabric into other industries that work in hazardous environments such as emergency services answering chemical related callouts.

Please note: this post originally appeared on DMTC News


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