Metamask Crowdfunding Campaign begins

Nanofibre is an incredible media for filtration. The nanoscopic fibres layered in a dense web trap 99.99% of all airbourne pollutants and allergens, all the way down to 0.3micron. Implemented in commercial and residential ventilation systems across New Zealand, our Seta nanofibre has been a breakthrough competitive advantage for many businesses and their products.

Now used in PPE/Fashion, Seta has found its way into a product called Metamask. Last week Metamasks launched an Indiegogo Campaign to begin their journey to dominating the personal air pollution protection market.

As their video explains, 8 million people die every year from complications of air pollution (World Health Organisation). From vehicle pollution, to fires, industry emissions, pollen, natural disasters like volcanoes, there are never ending risks to the human respiratory system in our every day lives. It makes sense that we have a comfortable, sustainable, every day product that can help avoid that risk. The fact Metamasks look great too is a bonus!

We wish Metamasks all the best for their launch. Head to their IndieGogo campaign and grab a deal on your own Metamasks for personal use or gifts. Or if you are interested in selling Metamasks there are distributor packs available as well.

Check out Metamask’s IndieGogo Campaign

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