Revolution Fibres hosted by KOTRA in Seoul


Revolution Fibres CEO Iain Hosie, and Business Development Manager James Chong were honoured to be hosted by KOTRA in Seoul last month, to present ActivLayr to a wide-range of prospects.

Seung-il (Shaun) Hong, KOTRA and James Chong, Iain Hosie take a breather during a whirlwind trip through Seoul.

KOTRA is a non-profit Korean government agency, promoting international trade and investment into South Korea. Korea is emerging as a business hub that the global cosmetics industry is paying attention to with its advanced technologies. Many global companies are investing in Korean companies to advance into the global market, and we were overwhelmed by the scale of the opportunity there. KOTRA organised valuable site visits to ODM/OEM factories, cosmetic face mask brands and medical device companies.

We would like to give thanks to KOTRA, Trade Commissioner Yong Seop Byeon (Australia) and especially Seung-il Hong for arranging the trip.

Our best regards to the companies and contacts we met – we look forward to working with you.

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