Revolution Fibres sharing their Innovation at the Ideas to Life Conference in HangZhou, China

Revolution Fibres had the privilege to attend and present at the 3rd Ideas to Life Conference based in Shanghai, China this year. The Ideas to Life Conference is the 3rd of it’s kind, utilising the strong relationship between both Auckland Uniservices and the University of Auckland to facilitate strong collaboration between businesses and potential investors in China.

The main theme of the conference was the implementation of cleantech innovations; technologies for clean water, clean industries and clean cities. James Chong, current Business Development Manager for Revolution Fibres, had the opportunity to showcase nanofiber as a prime, emerging cleantech innovation with examples like ActivLayr, which utilises marine collagen extracted from the by-products of hoki-fish skins to create premium skincare cosmetics.

Revolution Fibres would like to thank Auckland Uniservices and the Innovations Institute of China for the gracious invitation as well as opening a great network for a potential home-base for Revolution Fibres in the future.

It’s been around 10 years since the last time I was in China and I was particularly blown away by the advancements and sheer efficiency that China operates in. It’s true; You must be in China to understand the China opportunity that is always spoken of as if it were an urban myth. The interconnectivity between cities through 300km/h bullet trains has really made a large impact on the expansion of technology and ultimately improving the overall consumer lifestyle experience. That is why I think it’s important for academic institutes and companies involved in clean technological innovations like ourselves to be able to connect with China in the hope to create a win-win situation for all parties, and the greater nation involved.

-James Chong, Revolution Fibres BDM.

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