Bioprocessing Scientist of Revo earns Ph.D

Congratulate Dr. Nicole Chen

In these uncertain times of Covid-19 when scientists are being valued more than ever, Revolution Fibres is very pleased to announce and congratulate Dr. Nicole Chen, our very own bioprocessing scientist, earning herself a doctorate in Food & Advanced Technology.

Nicole has played a key role in bioprocessing, particularly for marine collagen sourced for nano-collagen products, ActivLayr of the company. Juggling between work and her Ph.D. has certainly been challenging for her, having to travel to Plant & Food Research down in Nelson to work closely with the scientists almost every fortnight for testing and lab work to ensure extraction at the highest quality of collagen. Our team is so proud of her Ph.D. from Massey University down at Palmerston North. This does not signify the end of a journey but an opportunity to create new knowledge in the industry.

Her research aims to improve our understanding of how structural properties in starch changes in tubers during processing and post-processing, affecting digestibility. The knowledge about digestion kinetics is a powerful tool to design processed potato products with low and slow digestibility as many studies have indicated that starch retrogradation and type of processing influence the slowly digestible and resistant starches of foods.

“During my PhD, I specialized in the area of starch chemistry and technology focusing on potato starch characterization, new process technologies, and product development. I am interested in integrating scientific research with industrial applications.”, Nicole stated.

In addition to earning her Ph.D., she was also awarded as the top 5 finalists for a regional business development competition, Innovate 2018, a team of four developed a business plan with a minimum viable product, Nutrisprinky, a 100% NZ Plant-Based sprinkle for food.

Her passion for food science will only continue to innovate across different realms. She would like to acknowledge her supervisors Jaspreet Singh, Richard Archer, and Jocelyn Midgley who all been extremely lucky to have a supervisor who cared so much about her research, and who responded to her questions and queries so promptly.

If you are interested in her research, it may still be in emendation with the thesis title as,

“Starch retrogradation in tuber: mechanisms and its implications on microstructure and glycaemic features of potatoes”

Congratulations Dr. Nicole Chen once again. We are proud to call you a revolutionary!

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