Handbook of Nanomaterials for Manufacturing Materials

Overcoming the challenges for the use of nanofibre in cosmetic, ActivLayr Nano-Collagen Technology

Environmental factors like pollution, our daily bacteria-filled commutes, and the stress we’ve come to associate with living in a fast-paced city mean that our largest organ – our skin – is permanently overtaxed.

The use of nanotechnology and advanced bionanomaterials for cosmetic applications and medical use is rapidly advancing. The widespread influence of nanofibre technology in the cosmetic industries is mostly due to the enhanced properties attained by particles at nano-level including color, transparency, solubility, etc.

Prior to the publishing of this research, Revo worked closely with Dr. Pablo Lepe, diving deep into the revolutionary nanofibre skincare product that the team all endeared. ActivLayr offers a concise, targeted treatment to problem areas overcoming the challenge for the use of nanomaterials/nanofibre in major manufacturing sectors. With almost a decades worth of R&D, we have discovered ActivLayr technology, capable of delivering to the deepest areas of your skin, where bioactive really function.


Over the last decade, one of the main objectives of the cosmetic skincare industry has been the development of scientifically engineered, bionanomaterials that can enhance the performance of current and new proprietary formulations. At this ‘nanoscale’ structure platform, ActivLayr show enhanced solubility, chemical selectivity, enzymatic reactivity, thermal stability, and many other interesting effects.

The processes within our skin have taken scientists years to understand there is so much more left to be discovered. With the increase of more conscious consumers out there, it is no longer simply a matter of smearing an emollient cocktail of ingredients on top of their faces. Labs are making strides with futuristic solutions designed to deliver the ingredients you need, exactly where you need them, in a much smarter way.

We believe that with smart uses of electrospun nanofibers, we can bridge the gap between innovative practices and social, environmental responsibilities we all strive to hold. We are constantly looking to expand the range of commercial applications of high-tech biomaterials in our everyday products. ActivLayr technology is one of the first nanofiber-based products for cosmetic applications, being successfully commercialized due to its proven efficacy, clean delivery, and instant results. Using 100% of local sources biomaterials sourced from sustainable fisheries and agricultural practices.

To read more on the process, Chapter 9: ActivLayr nanofiber technology

Book preview available on Google, Handbook of Nanomaterials for Manufacturing Applications.

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