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We’re pleased to share that Revolution Fibres is taking part in New Zealand’s Covid-19 Innovation Acceleration Fund from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

As you are aware, over the past few weeks, we Kiwis have gone through quite a few ups and downs but in a good way. It’s always pleasing to see everyone in the industry to be taking notes and adapting to this situation globally. We are so stoked about the way we endured together as a country to not only flatten the curve but stamping it out completely! 

At Revolution Fibres, we have the challenge of creating products with sustainable resources meeting social, economic, and environmental demands. To respond to Covid-19 and alleviate the direct impacts of the virus threat, we are proud to take a revolutionary approach to create a truly superior filtration media for the air filter and face mask manufacturers – Seta | Nature’s Fibre.

Seta started off as our range of unique air filter products for a leading ventilation company, HRV. We have taken a step further with it by developing membranes suitable for N95 and N97 to meet the worldwide shortages of facemasks and in vital materials such as melt-blown non-woven. Our team has the required know-how and expertise in working with the materials and technology. The in-house production capability of all substantial components positions us to build up a long-term, competitive both local and global supply. 

With the help of the Fund, for the company as a whole, it is full steam ahead from now on! Providing not only rapid short-term support to New Zealand based entities to develop more face mask and air filtration media, but in addition to that, we are already contributing to sustainable development with the expertise of nanofibre production on a global scale for years to come.  


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