Introducing REVO 2.0 and Reinforcement of the Values Every Day to Our Team.

Innovate. Respect. Grit. All In. Integrity. 

It’s been a long, 10 years since we’ve started the company, situated in the heart of West Auckland. Now, we’ve out-scaled the old Revo and look to grow straight into our new, 6,000m2 place we call home. This new footprint will allow the company to outscale the likes of its competitors with superior, scale manufacturing as well as keep the internal core of the business with constant innovation on the R&D front. It will also be a place where we welcome clients from all around the world to see our truly unique method of nanofibre production right here in New Zealand. We’ve certainly come a long way from our original starting point, and with scale comes the need to integrate new individuals that have come as part of the journey with the original Revolutionaries to align values and create an internal purpose for the company as a whole. 

Mahunga Project

We all took time out of our workday to spend an important day of fun and comradery, developing the values that will form the foundations of the Revolution Fibres identity going forward. And what better way to do this than a bit of fun and competition! 

Ever tried Loo Race? Well, we did it in our very own 4,000m2 factory!

Photo of our Co-Founder, Iain Hosie (left) and BDM, James Chong (right) at a Loo Race

Bit of human foosball to determine who are the best soccer players on the team!

At REVO, we would like to build a values-centric culture both internally and externally.

We embrace an inclusive culture to encourage active contribution by all.

Out of this day, we all bonded together and developed an understanding of the values that we all collectively share:

Innovate. Respect. Grit. All In. Integrity.

We recognize that with scale, comes the responsibility to ensure these values are embedded in the heart of everything that is done at Revolution Fibres, holding us, as well as future Revolutionaries, all accountable for all actions moving forward. We strive for greatness in diversity and everything we do. We recognize that the values we have determined is what underpins our success, understanding that no feat is too big to conquer.


Simply put, we are all in! 

Extraordinary nanofibre. Ingenious Solutions.


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