Make your filters better, with SETA

Create superior products over proven results from the Nelson Lab.

Revolution Fibres started off with a mission to produce the world’s best air filter, and they’ve quietly achieved this. The REVO team is proud to present with the result from Nelson Labs with regards to our Seta Carbon nanofibre filter media. We were always confident that our nanofibre filter media was superior to other types of filters, and the results came as no surprise. Now, the goal is to help incorporate SETA nanofibre into daily facemasks to trap even the tiniest of particles at great levels of breathability, that most other forms of filter media struggle to do.

“A 0.75gsm Seta Nanofibre layer retains a 99% particle filtration efficiency all the way down to 0.1μm”

SETA is the revolutionary, new approach to air filtration, using electro-spun nano-fibers infused with antibacterial additives to trap microscopic airborne particles such as spores, allergens, and bacteria. In response to the short supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), our diverse team consisting of technicians, engineers, scientists, and other sharp minds focused their efforts on the rapid deployment and mass manufacture of a filter-media agnostic face mask with N95 & N97 efficacy. 

The results from Nelson Labs – ASTM F2299 prove our nanofibre filter media can achieve up to 98.8% filtration efficiency at 0.3μm. This gives Revolution Fibres the confidence that we can firmly establish SETA as a world leader in high-grade filtration systems. 

For more info, check out our website on SETA, and reports are available on request.


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