Growing Manufacturing Capability Through Technology

Pt. 1: Revolution Fibres Ramp-up to Meet International Demand

Moving into a new factory 20 times the size of our existing facility and tripling the number of production machines will enable Revolution Fibres to scale-up to meet surging international demand for our products.

As a global leader in nanofibre, our team is seeing a growing number of industries embrace the power and potential of nanofibre to gain a competitive edge and enhance performance. As research uncovers even greater opportunities in areas such as life sciences the scope for what you can do with nanofibre is limitless.

Our unique sonic electro-spinning method, using machines made locally in New Zealand, produces nanofibre to manufacture non-woven textiles of the highest standard.

The introduction of several new production machines at our new 6000m2 factory in Auckland will significantly increase our capacity to fulfill demand across a wide range of sectors, including filtration, skincare, healthcare, sound absorption, and composite reinforcement.

An example of global demand for nanofibre was highlighted earlier this year with Revolution Fibres’ natural New Zealand skincare product, ActivLayr, selling out online after just two hours on South Korea’s most influential home shopping network.

South Korea is a key market for Revolution Fibres with sales last year on home shopping channels topping NZ$14.4 billion. The beauty and personal care category are worth NZ$1.76 billion alone, making it second only to the food and drink sector.

The success in South Korea’s success will boost awareness and sales of ActivLayr in the likes of China, Japan, and Hong Kong as the country has a significant influence on South-East Asian consumers when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products.

We have continued to produce ActivLayr to meet Korean market demand alongside the manufacture of filter media for N95 face masks to shore up local and international supply of PPE as the impact of COVID continues to be felt.

With some orders of nanofibre, this year totaling hundreds of kilometers in length, the new factory, new machines, and our growing team will ensure capacity ramps up even more and allow us to meet growing international demand in the future.

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