Scientific Expertise Key to Advancing Humanity

Three of the Revolution Fibres’ team are key members of The Royal Society Te Aparangi, an organization dedicated to promoting excellence in science for the benefit of humanity.

Technical Manager, Dr. Gareth Beckermann, Research and Innovation Manager, Dr. Bhuvana Kannan, and Materials Scientist Dr. HanYue Zhang lend their wide-ranging expertise to the society whose roles include advising government and public organizations and using evidence-based information to help understand current issues and find solutions.

Revolution Fibres CEO Ray Connor says research and development are at the heart of what the company does and enables it to manufacture and implement a wide range of useful and valuable products that help people and benefit society in general.

“Gareth, Bhuvana, and Hannah are at the forefront of what we do and along with the rest of the team are key to us continuing to scale up and grow to meet increasing international demand for our products.”

“We are dedicated to expanding our knowledge and by recruiting a team of specialists we have been able to grow quickly by evolving processes and machinery while keeping innovation at the core of our values.”

Dr G. Beckermann, who has been at Revolution Fibres for seven years, is internationally recognized for his knowledge in nanomaterials sciences. His expertise has helped the development of new products and processes including Xantu.Layr and the recent research we have with SETA development.

Dr B. Kannan, a passionate scientist with an entrepreneurial spirit focussed on commercializing ideas and taking them to market, has led the development of Revolution Fibres’ premium marine collagen skincare product, ActivLayr.

Dr H. Zhang, who has published multiple studies on electrospinning, nanotube, and nonwoven composites, has been key to the successful development of our structural reinforcement veil Xantu.Layr and our SETA nanofibre filter media.

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