Nanofibre… The New Frontier


As a platform technology, the possibilities of nanofibre are endless – from strengthening Formula One racing cars and rockets to creating the world’s highest standard filter media.

A crisis like COVID has a way of jolting you into thinking differently and that’s what Revolution Fibres did with its filtration capability – ramping up production to meet local and international PPE demand, and now diversifying with specialty filtration applications.

If a crisis teaches you anything it’s to adapt boldly, reliably deliver, and decide with speed over precision.

The increased demand and need for high-grade filtration supply throughout COVID have seen Revolution Fibres scale-up and significantly increase production capacity. As well as continuing to expand our filtration offering, the focus has also turned to leverage our new scale to increase capability across all of our products.

This involves making further advancements with our premium marine collagen skincare product ActivLayr, highlighting the capability of composite reinforcement veil XantuLayr, and showcasing the benefits of Phonix – the world’s thinnest acoustic insulation – for everything from furniture to construction materials.

Key to enabling Revolution Fibres to differentiate across a range of industries and increasing growth is the recruitment of specialists, evolving machinery with automation in mind, speeding up execution to increase ROI on projects, and keeping R&D innovation at the core of our values.

With science and R&D as a foundation, it enables Revolution Fibres to continue to develop new, functionally-loaded nanofibre solutions to reinforce our reputation as the industry leader.

More than a decade of R&D work has helped to increase international demand for our products and heightened awareness of nanofibre’s capability. This has compelled a focus on R&D alongside implementation to ensure we can meet this demand.

We call it RD&I – Research Development and Implementation. It is the coming together of R&D with the manufacture of useful, helpful, and valuable products.

This RD&I approach helps reinforce Revolution Fibres as the global leader in nanofibre.

It’s all about adapting technology, looking at what you can do differently, and if necessary, moving beyond your ecosystem to produce something that will benefit someone else and society in general.

It’s as simple as that.

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