A Journey Deep into the Dermal Layer

An intricate understanding of the complexities of human skin was key to the development and enhancement of Revolution Fibres’ nanofibre skincare technology.

A new White Paper, ActivLayr Working Mechanism, by Revolution Fibres’ Research and Innovation Manager Dr. Bhuvana Kannan and Materials Scientist Dr. Hanyue Zhang provides detailed insights into the permeability of the skin barrier and how this enabled the development of skincare product ActivLayr.

ActivLayr, which is made from premium marine collagen and has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 19%, uses natural actives and biochemical methods to permeate the skin layer delivering bio-actives 1mm to 1.5mm deep into the dermal layer.

“To truly understand and design an active molecule and deliver it through the skin,” says Dr Kannan, “it is highly essential to gain knowledge on the structure of the skin barrier and the permeating capacity of any active molecules into the skin.”She says the skin barrier has extraordinary properties due mainly to the stratum corneum, a structurally organized composite material made of proteins and lipids.

“The stratum corneum can limit the transdermal delivery of molecules and drug compounds through the skin.

“However, while the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the skin’s pores adds complexity to this pathway, it also provides the opportunity for more novel and unique bio-active and drug delivery strategies which is what we have utilized and capitalized on with ActivLayr.”

Revolution Fibres’ cosmetic technology and bioactive delivery research and development center on the benefits of nanofibre’s high molecular weight compound. This means macromolecules can be delivered deeper and more effectively into the stratum corneum in nanofibre form than through traditional liquids and creams.

The molecules found in topical liquids and creams are generally larger than the skin’s pores, making it difficult for active ingredients to permeate through the epidermal layer.

Nanofibre also has increased benefits because of its solid 2D form which has low bacteria risk and high shelf life.

Dr. Kannan says ActivLayr harnesses this technology to create an intelligent and revolutionary delivery system.

“ActivLayr is composed of a nanofibre matrix made up of premium, locally sourced marine collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and bioactive.”

“The nanofibre is applied onto wet skin to permeate the skin layers. So the nanofibre dissolves in the water before the water permeates the stratum corneum making the nanofibre dissolved water the delivery vehicle itself.”

For more detailed insights and commentary refer to the ActivLayr Working Mechanism White Paper in our Resource tab here.

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