Revolution Fibres and leading home ventilation company HRV use the power of filtration to provide everyday cleaner air


Improve the air quality inside peoples’ homes to safeguard their health and wellbeing

People spend 90% of their lives indoors and are more at risk of allergens inside than in the outdoors.

Because of this, the World Health Organisation (WHO) regards indoor air pollution as one of the world’s leading environmental concerns.

The quality of the air inside homes has a major influence on the health and well-being of families. Indoor pollutants, along with damp and cold conditions brought on by a home with inadequate ventilation and heating, contributes to respiratory illness, asthma, and life-long health issues.

New Zealand’s leading home solutions company, HRV, was established 15 years ago with the aim of creating healthy indoor environments through its leading home ventilation system.

In 2009, with an ambition to develop the highest standard home ventilation system in the world, HRV was looking for a revolutionary new filter.


Incorporate SETA nanofibre filtration into the HRV ventilation system

Traditional filters are one-dimensional and block up very quickly. Nanofibre filtration has been proven to be more effective than traditional melt-blown filtration media.

The pores of melt-blown filters are 1-3 micrometers in diameter which are much larger than bacteria and viruses which are just 0.1 micrometers. The diameter of nanofibres ranges from 10 – 300 nanometres which is 500 times thinner than human hair and 10 – 100 times smaller than melt-blown microfibres. This means they are very effective in protecting against bacteria, toxic particles, and even viruses such as COVID-19.

Using Revolution Fibres industry-leading SETA nanofibre filtration technology, the development team designed a long-life, deep pleat filter made up of 16 pleats (8 x more than a flat layer) to create an incredibly high surface area.

It is this filter, which has continued to be developed and enhanced over 10 years, that is at the heart of HRV’s home ventilation system.


A ventilation system capturing the finest lung-damaging dust, including most airborne asthma and allergy triggers

Electrospun nanofibres infused with antibacterial additives trap 99.99% of microscopic airborne particles such as spores, allergens, and bacteria.

The fabric of the SETA nanofibre filter inside HRV ventilation systems filters out large particles first, before capturing finer particles. Put simply, smaller fibres mean smaller holes and incredibly high surface area meaning they are more likely to catch even the finest dust and particles.

Additionally, because nanofibres are infused with powerful, natural antibacterial agents that provide natural protection and is effective against bacteria and mould which is common in cold damp homes.

No other ventilation system in the world offers this standard of SETA filtration technology.

In combination with SETA nanofibre technology, HRV ventilation systems are designed to improve a home’s indoor air quality providing drier and fresher air for families, homeowners, and tenants all over New Zealand.

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