Uncovering Nanofibre’s full potential

The nanofibre produced by Revolution Fibres is used in an ever-growing range of products – and across many different applications.

From capturing the smallest airborne pollutants and absorbing sound, through to enhancing skincare treatment and increasing the strength of some of the world’s toughest materials.

There are three key reasons for nanofibre’s wide-ranging adaptability and utilisation:

    1. It is produced using a platform technology developed by Revolution Fibres that enables numerous product variants
    2. A collaborative approach to product development encourages co-operation, experimentation, and partnerships
    3. A strong focus on Research, Development & Implementation (RD&I) ensures nanofibre’s limitless potential is being realised

Platform technology

Revolution Fibres has created a platform technology that produces functional nanofibre through a proprietary manufacturing process known as sonic electrospinning.

The wide-ranging product variants are determined by the ingredients used during the electrospinning process.

For example, Revolution Fibres use a combination of premium marine collagen and a range of bio-actives to produce its skincare product ActivLayr. Whereas it utilises a range of polymers during the manufacture of Phonix™, one of the world’s thinnest acoustic veils, or Xantu.Layr™, which is used to strengthen everything from space rockets and drones and Formula One cars and fishing rods.

Revolution Fibres use different electrospinning machines to produce advanced cosmeceuticals and composite reinforcing products.

A collaborative approach

With nanofibre increasingly in demand around the world, the key to product development is having a collaborative approach to ensure the application and utilisation of nanofibre is maximised.

This type of collaborative approach started more than a decade ago when Revolution Fibres partnered with home ventilation company HRV to develop a new filter at the centre of the highest standard home ventilation system in the world.

And this mindset continues today, with Revolution Fibres partnering with a wide range of global companies to develop products including US face mask manufacturer Halo, a Californian apparel company, and a number of cosmetics companies and brands in South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.



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RD&I key to uncovering nanofibre’s full potential

With science and R&D at Revolution Fibres’ core, it continues to develop functionally loaded nanofibre solutions for new and existing products.

The company’s RD&I programme accelerates this development and plays a key part in harnessing the endless potential of nanofibre.

This focus on RD&I not only results in a wide range of nanofibre applications, but more importantly, it helps deliver products that are useful, helpful, and valuable.

Products that benefit society in general.

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