The Challenge

Create reusable, high protection face masks to limit the environmental impact of single-use masks

With more than 129 billion single-use face masks being disposed of monthly, Indonesian-based face mask manufacturer, Metamasks, was searching for an environmentally friendly solution to protect users against air pollution.

To do this it needed a filter media solution with the ability to capture all airborne particles, could fit within the existing mask lining and provide protection for their customers – nanofibre was the solution.

The Solution

Combining Revolution Fibres’ SETA™ nanofibre filters with Metamasks eco-friendly, fashionable designs

Metamasks collaborated with Revolution Fibres to incorporate its proprietary SETA™ nanofibre filters into its masks. SETA™ has been laboratory tested to capture 99.99% of all airborne pollutants and contaminants at PM2.5 microns and more significantly 98.86% at 0.3 microns.

That means SETA™ nanofibre filters exceed N95 filter standards.

Revolution Fibres’ nanofibre filters also offer maximum breathability and protection as well as an exceptional filtration capability, significantly limiting the waste ending up in local landfills.

The thin-ness of the filters also enables them to fit seamlessly into both Metamasks’ embedded mask and replaceable filter mask while maintaining the sleek and lightweight appearance they are known for.

The Result

An eco-friendly, protective mask

With mask use becoming a global norm to impede the spread of Covid-19, a fashionable solution that offers high-level protection can prove even more important particularly for the daily commuter.

The partnership between Metamasks and Revolution Fibres enabled the development of an innovative, eco-friendly face mask that provides quality protection against viruses, bacteria and air pollutants.

Revolution Fibres continues to develop its nanofibre filtration technology, scaling up its production of SETA significantly to meet global demand for high-quality PPE during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With sustainability also increasingly on the top of mind for global consumers, Metamasks has seen an increase in demand for masks using only natural materials with replaceable nanofibre filters which offer ongoing protection while having significantly less impact on the environment.

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