About Revo

About Revo

The Nanofibre Revolution

We at Revolution Fibres are driven by challenges, opportunities, and technology.

Therefore, every day we take new steps, open new paths, and evolve, addressing the future as a subject of the present.

Revolution Fibres initially started off to find the world’s best air filter, however, the operability of nanofibre has helped Revolution Fibres grow year after year, expanded its product line and market potential to turn into a global solution with its proprietary, “sonic electrospinning” technology for diverse industries and application.

Sonic Electrospinning Technology

In the generation that we live in today, we have the challenge of creating products with sustainable resources meeting social, economic, and environmental demands. Foreseeing trends in industry 4.0. Whenever a new global issue arises, you can bet we at Revolution Fibres, are already studying the subject of developing innovative, efficient, and safe products.

Evolution and continuous innovation are in our DNA. We believe that it is always possible to do better, for all. Thinking about technological innovations is a culture that has been present since the foundation.

We are ready to contribute to sustainable development with the expertise of nanofibre production at our fingertips. We are world leaders in a disruptive technology that no doubt has the potential to solve global problems with nano-sized solutions.

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