Our Technology

Our Technology

What are Nanofibres?

Nanofibers are extremely fine fibres. Our fibers are typically 100-300nm in width (a human hair is 50micron wide), and are made from a wide variety of polymers. Electrospinning deposits continuous nanofiber into non-woven mats with features such as:

  1. Enormous surface area
  2. High porosity
  3. Thin and lightweight structure
  4. Ability to carry functional additives

These small fibers can create big changes in mechanical strength, reactivity, conductivity or resistivity, porosity… and more.

How it’s made – Electrospinning

Nanofibre is a platform technology, offering major advantages in a diverse array of applications.

Each application has its own requirements, so Revolution Fibres works closely with its partners to develop nanofiber that meets the needs of the application – ensuring product consistency, growth capacity and product improvements over time.

Thousands of researchers worldwide are developing new uses for nanofibres – and Revolution Fibres is here to take those ideas to commercialisation (while developing novel uses of our own).

Functional Nanofibre

Because electrospinning doesn’t involve high heat or pressure, it is an ideal process to add functional additives to the polymer providing exciting new properties to the fibre.

Additives can include: plant extracts, drug compounds, enzymes and functional nanoparticles. By turning these materials into nanofibre we can explore new uses and modes of application for many materials.

Endless Applications

Nanofibre is one of the fastest growing areas of nanotechnology. Traditional applications include air and water filters; textiles and energy storage (batteries).

Research is uncovering huge potential in life sciences (bone regeneration, wound care, drug delivery). New applications are coming in the fields of composites, electronics, energy storage (hydrogen fuel), and cosmetics – and there is a steady stream of industries embracing the unique characteristics of nanofibre material.

Revolution Fibres is here to take these ideas to market. We offer production and product development services to support all the above sectors. Talk to us to see how your products could be improved with nanofibre.

Nanofibre in Nature

We like to let Mother Nature show us the way here at Revolution Fibres Ltd. Look no further than the gecko’s foot to discover the amazing properties of nanofibre.

We have an ever-growing suite of materials that can be converted to fibres or added to fibre as a functional additive. New Zealand has rich and varied flora and fauna, and we take pride in using bio- materials wherever possible. We capture the qualities of nature within a fibre and apply them to everyday products and applications.

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