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Metamasks putting our nanofibre to good use

Metamasks putting our nanofibre to good use

New Metamasks! Now with Organic bamboo lining. Revolution Fibres Ltd, personal air filtration partner (Metamask) have recently launched their new facemasks with natural linen fabric and organic bamboo lining. The mask features a new Nano-Coco-Carbon patented filter technology that can filter extremely small microbes with a very high breathability. The linen material is an all-natural […]

How Nanofibre can improve your products

How Nanofibre can improve your products

Think of a single strand of spider web lying across your finger. Now imagine your finger is the spider web strand, and that strand across it at the same scale – a single nanofibre. Now you’re getting close to visualising the size of things on a nano scale. Its amazing to think we are now […]

Waste to Value – an article for Pure Advantage

We like to let Mother Nature show us the way here at Revolution Fibres. Look no further than the humble gecko’s foot to discover the amazing properties of nanofibre. We have an ever-growing suite of materials that can be converted to fibres, or added to fibre as a functional additive. New Zealand has rich and […]

Feedback beyond our wildest Nanodreams

Some recent highlights from our customers enjoying better nights sleep with the Nanodream pillow liners available from New Zealand; or Australia Having suffered from sneezing every night for many years, and losing hours of sleep each week, I was somewhat cynical about trying out the NanoDream Pillow Liner. However, since I have been sleeping […]

Simon Feasey – Revolutionary

Here’s a guy that doesn’t get enough press or recognition for his crucial part in Revolution Fibres. Simon Feasey, founder and Director, talks about the game-changing technology that is nanofibre. Click on the image below to read more…  

NEW Nanofibre Customisation Services

Hi Please download our new Nanofibre Customisation Services brochure. This highlights the process we undertake to make nanofibre a reality in commercial products. Lots of interest since our talk at Electrospin 2014 in San Francisco… a great sign that the Nanofibre Revolution is upon us! Nanofibre Customisation Services Brochure

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