Seta is our range of unique air filtration products. Nanofibres are perfect for air filtration; smaller fibres means a higher surface area and greater efficiency. We’ve taken Seta one step further adding bio-origin antimicrobial additives.

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Xantu.Layr® nanofibre interleaving veils are able to improve composite materials by providing nano-scale reinforcement of the brittle matrix resin, resulting in a tougher resin which is less prone to micro-cracking when stressed or impacted.

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ActivLayr is a flagship product in the skincare and natural health market. Using collagen nanofibres as a delivery mechanism, we can introduce specially formulated plant extracts into the skin.

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The latest innovation in sound control. Phonix nanofibres have a highly porous surface area thousands of times higher than conventional acoustic materials. All in an incredibly dense, lightweight layer.

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