AGL Electrospinning Machine

AGL Electrospinning Machine

The AGL(Agile) Electrospinning Platform

Revolution Fibres Ltd. is pleased to announce the recent release of a customisable lab-scale electrospinning platform, the AGL (Agile) Electrospinner. Designed to bolster the agility of nanofibre-enhanced R&D and product-development initiatives, the AGL is a multi-functional testbed suitable for prototyping a range of both aligned and non-aligned electrospun nanofibres. The AGL Platform represents a component of the broader client experience of Revolution Fibres’ stage-gated Nanofibre Customisation Services (NCS), a series of services aimed at overcoming the barriers inherent in nanofibre innovation and commercialisation.

AGL® -A Revolutionary Co-Development Experience

Nanofibre invention has largely been restricted to lab-scale experimentation with commercial production primarily occurring in the air filtration and battery separator industries.

The upscale and commercialisation of nanofibre invention outside these traditional areas is dominated by electrospinning machine manufacturers who construct standardised machines despite the widely varied requirements of specific applications within the breadth of nanofibre platform technology.

The restrictions of standardized machines cut down on the full realisation of applications of unique nanofibre materials. Revolution Fibres differs from existing machine manufacturers through its focus on the customisation and scalability of nanofibre production methods.

The AGL is an example of this as it was specifically developed for a partner seeking a suitable machine for the upscale of their needle-electrospinning. They required aligned and non-aligned nanofibre using solvent-polymer combinations which could not be serviced by existing lab-scale machines.

The AGL machine is designed for experimentation with a broad suite of operating parameters and is made with materials compatible with the widest range of solvents and polymers available on the market.

The AGL platform is also compatible with Revolution Fibres’ proprietary Sonic Electrospinning manufacturing technologies so that when you buy into an AGL Electrospinner you are also buying into the opportunity to partner with Revolution Fibres on the upscale and industrial-scale manufacture of your innovative nanofibre materials.


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