Creating sound is something that comes naturally to us.
Controlling sound is another story.

Sound control is a present concern in offices around the globe. Ambient sound can be both distracting and discomforting at excessive levels. Conventional methods of sound control including foams and fabrics have been used to date to absorb, reflect and diffuse sound to a certain degree. Thanks to a collaboration between IQ Furniture and Revolution Fibres, a New Zealand based nanofibre company, we’re excited to introduce a revolutionary new sound control product we have integrated into IQ office furniture – Phonix Accoustic Nanofibre.

What is Phonix?

Phonix is an electrospun nanofibre, designed and created specifically to enhance the accoustic performance of IQ Accoustic Furniture. The elctrospinning process creates fibres so small they can only be seen under powerful microscopes. This gives Phonix nanofibre some revolutionary accoustic properties.


Conventional Fibres

Polyester threads shown under magnification. Small surface area, large air gaps between fibres meaning very little sound absorbtion.

Accoustic Foam

Conventional closed cell accoustic foam showing air capsules and a large collective surface area, meaning good levels of absorbtion.


Microscopic fibres create a dense web with a huge surface area. This drastically improves sound absorbtion levels of IQ Accoustic Furniture.

Surface Area = Sound Absorbtion

The surface area of Phonix nanofibre is 100- 10,000 higher than that of conventional fibres. Noise absorption rates are exponentially higher because of the interaction of air molecules of sound waves with the Phonix nanofibre surfaces.

Dense & Lightweight

Traditionally the way to increase surface area of sound-control materials was to increase thickness, therefore increasing weight and bulk. Phonix nanofibre eliminates this issue by creating huge surface area in an incredibly dense, lightweight layer.

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