Make Your Filters Better, With SETA®

SETA nanofibre is used by face mask and air filter manufacturers to create superior products.

Benefits Of SETA® Nanofibre

Seta filtration media is a revolutionary approach to air filtration. Using electrospun nanofibres infused with antibacterial additives to trap even the smallest airborne particles.

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SETA nanofibre filter media is able to trap 99.99% of microscopic airborne particles, such as spores, allergens and bacteria.

Case Study: HRV Ventilation

HRV Ventilation incorporates SETA nanofibre into their filters to trap even the smallest particles.

How It’s Made

Our very own electrospinning machines, custom-built to our specifications, produce SETA nanofibre in huge quantities.

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SETA Carbon – The Next Step Forward

SETA Carbon is a layering of polypropylene, SETA nanofibre, and carbon, to form an incredibly high-efficiency filter media, with all the benefits of carbon filtration.

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